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A visual content creator, writer, and photographer

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Christopher E. Scott is a video content creator with over 20 years of experience in the film and television industry. He began making films at the age of 14. He was influenced by the French New Wave and experimental cinema, most notably Jean-Luc Godard. He teaches an editing course on Udemy entitled "Video Editing Workflow for Filmmakers". He has shot, directed and edited feature-length documentaries, music videos, dramatic films, and art films. Some of these projects have appeared on television, and at film festivals. He manages the "Professional Video Editors" group on LinkedIn that currently has over 23,000 members. He most recently returned from the rainforests of Gabon where he filmed footage for a project to help protect the western lowland gorillas. The gorilla project is currently in post-production.

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Mitigate your risks by knowing all your options before beginning a new project. Christopher has experience shooting in Canada, the United States, Bermuda, Jamaica, Gabon, and South Africa. If you have already completed production, he can tell you what you need to do during the post-production phase of your project.


Canon DSLR package
50mm and 24mm prime lenses
70-300mm, 18-135mm, and 18-55 zoom lenses
Sennheiser lavelier microphone
Shotgun microphone
LED lighting
Additional crew members


Offline editing
Online Editing
Motion graphics
Sound editing
Sound design
Color Correction & Grading
Exporting for final delivery

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Chris is the by far one of the most talented people I have come across. He is extremely efficient and has a keen sense of business. His follow-through and execution are admirable!!!!

I know Christopher to be both highly motivated and professional. He is constantly self-educating himself on the ever changing world of technology and gets the "big" picture when working on a project. I would confidently recommend Christopher for any job he might express interest in.

Chris is a very talented film-maker and a pleasure to work with. We hired him and his crew to film a 3-day dance festival and his work was top notch on all levels, from pre-production to post-production. He is creative and has the necessary technical skills, which is a rare combination. He's also a great guy and very reliable.

Christopher is an inspiration. His drive, hard work, dedication to his craft makes me proud to know him, inspired to work with him and seeing him challenge himself to be the best and stay in the game, always making positive moves is truly awesome. I have no doubt that his career will only continue to strive forward in fabulous fierce directions, bringing his best to the forefront with new innovative, creative concepts, collaborations, and exciting new projects. He has become a great friend over the years and shown his continued support no matter how much time passes while we do our thing! He is one professional that can be counted on. Which of course is very important in any business. Reliability! :) I look forward to future collabs, a continued friendship, and am excited to see what he comes with next. Never a dull moment! He is always giving 150%. You can count on Chris.

Video Projects

Project:"80s Baby"
Position: Director | Editor | Compositor

Project:"Tracey Re:Fragmented"
Position: Editor

Position: Editor

Project:"For Our Sons"
Position: D.P. | Editor

  • Premiered at New York City Hall

  • Screened at the Atlanta Film Festival

  • Screened at the Pan-African Film Festival (L.A.)

Position: Director | D.P. | Editor
Premiered at the Images Festival (Toronto)

Position: D.P. | Editor

Project:"Kid Famous"
Position: Director | D.P. | Editor

Project:"Top 10 Greatest Heavyweights"
Position: Editor | Compositor

Project:"Go Faster"
Position: Editor | Compositor

Project:"Fake News"
Position: Editor | Compositor

Project:"Guns, Violence, and Cinema"
Position: Editor

Position: Compositor

Position: Compositor

Project:"Blahzay Blahzay"
Position: D.P. | Editor

Project:"Frenchising Mona Lisa"
Position: Compositor

Project:"The FutARism Manifesto"
Position: Compositor

Project:"Jay McPhly"
Position: Editor

Project:"Scenes From A Rooftop"
Position: Director of Photography

Project:"The 10 Worst Things..."
Position: Editor | Compositor

Project:"The Return of Black Rob"
Position: Editor

Project:"It's So Easy"
Position: Director | Editor

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